• Financial accounting
  • Special and regular VAT returns
  • VAT registration
  • Income tax statements
  • Payment duties to the state budget
  • Quarterly and year-end financial statements
  • Accounting reports as per acting law
  • Certification of annual financial reports

During the 20 year long interaction with our clients we came to know how burdening the accounting function can become for a company’s top management, if it is not conducted professionally and with a steady hand. Each new stage of development usually stretches out the resources and the performance of the accounting & finance head, with an impact over the decision making process of the top management.

Such situations usually become critical, so the wisest choice for each growing company is to outsource the accounting function to a certified and trusted professional firm. We invite you to entrust us to provide this service to your company too. 100+ entities such as limited companies, branches of foreign companies, permanent establishment, tax representative, joint-venture, freelancers, and major international companies are among our customers, and we manage to fulfill their specific needs with a careful attention to each detail.

Do you own a newly set-up company or you intend to set it up soon? ECOVIS Romania is glad to provide the initial tax set up, and the specific accounting for the start-up period. Our fees are reasonable for all our services, but we invite you to ask us about our dedicated services & prices package for start-ups. 

Do you manage a small or mid-sized company, and the internal resources you can allocate to accounting are stretched and almost burned out? Do you feel the need of having an independent expert view over your accounting situation? ECOVIS Romania is the reliable solution for all these questions. Our CPAs are ready to review and close each accounting period in a professional manner, and you will be provided regularly with detailed reports regarding the results and the tax duties. As a beneficial side effect, your internal staff has the opportunity to benefit and develop through the cooperation with peers from our team.