Terms and conditions

The present Terms refer to the conditions which regulate the use of the website www.ecovis.ro. By accesing or using the website http://www.ecovis.ro, you agree with the terms and the conditions expressed below, regardless if you subscribe or not as a client. All of the materials posted on the website and the news send through email (for clients) are the property of Ecovis Romania SRL. You are allowed to visualise the website on the screen of your computer, to print pages on paper and to save pages as virtual files only for personal, non-commercial use.

With the exception of the situations mentioned in the paragraph above, you do not have the right to use the content of the website for commercial purposes, in the current or in a modified form. You are not entitled to remove the notifications regarding the copyright and/or trademark from the copies of the content. The copies will be made only according to the present terms and conditions. You are not allowed to create a database or a manual by downloading each page of the content of the website. The requests regarding the republishing or the redistribution of the content will be addressed to Ecovis Romania SRL, at email address office@ecovis.ro. The website www.ecovis.ro is a website with informative content. Any potential lack of suitability or errors that can occur between the content of the website and the correct information will not lead to the taking on of the presented information by Ecovis Romania SRL. The content does not represent a form of consultancy or engagement of Ecovis Romania SRL, but a form of general information regarding the actual problems that interest the visitors of the website. Before making any decisions based on the information provided by this website, we recommend and support the consultation of other information sources as well. The responsibility of making a decision is entirely yours.

The website www.ecovis.ro uses information from multiple sources; therefore Ecovis Romania SRL does not assume any responsibility regarding the fairness and the accuracy of this information. Ecovis Romania SRL offers you the possibility to subscribe as a client to its news through email. Your use of the received content will be in accordance with these Terms. The subscription as a client is valid per each sole individual user only. At subscribing you will choose a user name and a password. Regarding the email address mentioned at subscribing, you are guaranteeing that you are entitled to use it, to receive emails at that address. If Ecovis Romania SRL will receive an address from the rightful owner of that address (you employer, for example), that he/she no longer wants the receiving of the newsletters, Ecovis Romania SRL will cease the sending of the emails requested by subscribing as a client, without prior notice. Ecovis Romania SRL does not assume any responsibility for any damages occurred as a consequence of the usage of the website services. These rules are in accordance with the acting Romanian legislation. Any conflicts arisen regarding the usage terms of the website will be addressed to the appropriate courts of law.