We are constantly looking for a new generation of junior accountants to become part of a sound and professional team of seniors.

What are our requirements? Finalized academic studies, seriousness, the proved will to learn, with results quantifiable in real time, the talent and the capacity of efficient computer skills, a speedy reaction in fulfilling the assigned tasks, the mastering of accounting theory and practical abilities preferably practiced before, even if on temporary basis (internships, summer jobs, filling in of vacancies or workforce shortages), emotional stability. English language is a must – the initial requirement is to prove at least an average level of writing, speaking and understanding (subject to further testing). Of course, the daily office attire and the groomed personal aspect are part of the requirements’ list.

As we said in the beginning, we are looking for the next generation of professionals – meaning that we are not interested in those interested only in moving papers around, wasting their time and opportunities to develop, waiting for retirement or in those already bored, negligent or in denial of the fact that a career is built in time, not achievable in one or two years.

What is our offer? A long term engagement, decently paid, an intensive and very hands-on training, with deadlines and specific tasks to fulfill, the entire IT and logistic infrastructure that a junior might need in his or her activity, experienced colleagues, the general framework of a stable company, preoccupied by its own development.

Please apply for this job only if in the aspects we mentioned you acknowledge a compatibility with your own approaches and values. If your CV will draw our attention, we will formally invite you for a test at our headquarters, as a first and mandatory stage of the interview. The office attire is mandatory for the tests and interviews.

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