1. Emergency Order (OUG) 32/30.03.2020 — regarding the change and the addition of the Cabinet OUG no. 30/2020 for the modification and addition of some regulatory documents,  as well as for the establishing of proceedings for social protection on the background of the SARS-COV-2 epidemic and for the introduction of additional measure for social protection;

  • It modifies the conditions for granting the technical unemployment;
  • It changes the stipulations of the Law no. 19/2020 regarding the granting of days off to parents for childcare, during the temporary closure of education units;

2. OUG 33/21.03.2020 — regarding some economy and tax & budget proceedings

  • Bonus for the payment of the profit tax and of the microenterprise tax;
  • The certificate for emergency situations.

Ecovis Romania – Tax Alert – 30.03.2020 – EN