Foreign nationals wishing to work in Israel need a valid work permit. There is a multi-stage approval process. ECOVIS Legal Israel supports companies in completing this process as quickly as possible. The procedure for obtaining a work permit for foreign employees in Israel is complex and can be lengthy. Ecovis in Israel supports clients with an immigration package that includes:

  • A list of the different permits to be obtained
  • A detailed description of the steps to be taken to obtain the permits
  • Ongoing legal service

In Israel, employment of non-professional workers in certain sectors is subject to a government-set ceiling. In construction, for example, the government sets quotas for foreign workers according to agreements with other countries, such as China. If for a certain type of work and nationality there is no specific procedure for obtaining a visa, the only way to employ a foreign national is to submit an application as a foreign expert.

While the average wage of non-professional migrant workers is lower than that of Israeli workers, the average wage of foreign experts is significantly higher than the Israeli average. In fact, one of the conditions for obtaining a work permit for a foreign expert is that his/her salary will be at least double the Israeli average. 

We are specialized in the immigration of experts and foreign workers for over 14 years and can support you in obtaining a work permit. The requirements for a specialist visa in Israel are subject to a required labor period and the professional specialization of the employee. There are 3 periods for which the permits can be obtained:

  • 45 days per calendar year
  • 90 days per calendar year
  • Long term – 1-year permit

The procedure for obtaining a work permit for foreign workers in Israel can be briefly explained in four steps:

  • The request is submitted to the Israeli Immigration & Population Authority (PIBA). The request must include all the necessary documents and affidavits from the employing company.
  • The request is reviewed by the various committees (trade committee, the Ministry of Economy, etc.) which present their recommendations.
  • After receiving the recommendations, the PIBA approves the request and begins the process of issuing permits at the Ministry of the Interior.
  • The visa is stamped in the worker’s passport.

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