Legal Info – 28.10.2020 – EN

Table of Contents:

  • Emergency Order no. 181/2020 regarding the introduction of tax & budgeting proceedings, for the modification and addition of specific regulatory documents, as well as for the prorogation of deadlines – coming into act with October 26th, 2020.
  • Emergency Order no. 182/2020 for the addition of the Emergency Order no. 147/2020 regarding the granting of days off for parents for childcare purposes, ┬áif the educational activities are limited or suspended with a view to the physical presence of the children in schools and day-care units, as a consequence of the spread of the new Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 – coming into act from October 27th, 2020.
  • The Cabinet Decision no. 856/2020 – The extension of the state of alert and other set-up proceedings.