• Statutory audit
  • Financial audit required by the group policy
  • Special purpose audit
  • Restatement of financial situations as per National Standards of Reporting, to IAS/IFRS or Reporting Standards specific to the client (GAAP)
  • Internal audit

Nationwide, ECOVIS Romania has a deep experience as auditors of medium-sized family-run single entities and corporations and we are more than familiar with the processes required in the course of annual audits. We act for more than 15 years as auditors and advisers for companies active in production, commerce, construction, advertising, energy, land & air cargo, communications, real estate, telemarketing, agriculture, traffic management, administration of debts portfolios, lending by non-banking financial institutions, insurance brokers and many others.

Our experience allows us to provide you with the additional benefits a reliable business partner can bring in the monitoring of your business, besides of the audit report on your accounting procedures. Our service is compliant to Audit International Standards (ISA) fully adopted by the Chamber of Financial Auditors of Romania. 

The distinct audit approach of ECOVIS group, assumed and applied as such by ECOVIS Romania, has five characteristics:

  1. Risk-oriented auditing strategy: the starting point of our auditing procedure, based on the analysis of the business environment of the company, its control environment and its business procedures.
  2. Electronic support: this makes possible, if necessary, the processing of the client’s data directly in electronic form during the audit.
  3. Preliminary Audits: conducting such analysis of the accounting processes allows to discuss and settle the significant events of that financial year and all questions connected with the year-end audit. 
  4. Service orientation: Our auditing method, besides providing the mandatory confirmation of the correctness of your accounting procedures, can contribute positively to your control & oversight system and to your risk management system. We will conclude our preliminary audit by submitting an Early Warning Report, and our final audit by providing an annotated audit report and a management letter.
  5. Highly qualified team: our auditors form a well-rehearsed team, able to make the full range of its know-how available to the client.